About Us

Behind the Shop

The word Haven means “A place of safety”. We want to create a safe and inclusive shopping experience for all women searching for curated styles.

This shop is Latina Mama owned.

Hi friend! I'm Valeria,

Welcome to my shop, The Haven Shop LLC. I'm thrilled that you landed on our shop! I work in my home in marketing career, shop owner,  wife, and have two wonderful boys. One teenager and one toddler. Yep, it can be a little hectic but I love it! 

When I was in my postpartum time for my second boy, I felt inspired to try something I had held back on before. I love jewelry and trendy styles but I knew I didn't have time to carve out to start my journey in a fashion/jewelry store, so I decided to give an online shop a try since I, too, love online shopping! I also wanted to create something inclusive and curated for women and moms that have similar lifestyles to myself; a working momma that desired style without sacrificing comfort. So, I did learned all that I could, put my business and marketing skills to use and I'm so happy I took the leap!

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be tough in the beginning but so necessary to conquer and live our potential. Today, our shop includes apparel for women of all sizes, shoes, jewelry, wellness products, and more!

What you will find in our collections:

This isn't your ordinary only shop.

Helping women and boss mama's to feel great, inside and out, is my passion!
Physical self care isn't our only mission. Our self care resources have been created for you to learn, grow and elevate into becoming the happiest and truest version of yourself.

Because the best accessory you can wear is a genuinely-happy smile! :)